Work Monitoring On The Computer: How To Do It Good

Work Monitoring On The Computer: How To Do It Good?

Depending on the industry in which you are operating, and what goal you want to achieve by tracking time, you will need different tools. When it comes to the hospitality, catering or production sector, the employee’s entry and exit recorders are enough. However, when your employees work in 100% on computers, and you would like to know what happens between turning them on and off, you will probably need a completely different solution. When it is the case, it is advisable to invest in an application to monitor working time on a computer.

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In a situation of the labor market being governed by an employee, it is necessary to establish the principles of implementing such a tool. Why? In order to maintain good relations with one’s employees.

Do not reduce people to numbers

The charts of working time provide information on only one indicator: time spent by an employee on tasks. A separate issue is what a person has done at a given time, e.g.: a person with low indicators sourced from the time tracking application can achieve better results than an employee who worked on tasks for 90% of the time. Working time is a crucial indicator (it can be used for both employee and customer settlements), although, in the case of creative industries, the most important are the effects.

 Give people some private time

Some working time management systems, e.g.: TimeCamp, give employees the possibility to turn off the application for 30 minutes. By that, each of them can browse the Internet at work within a time limit acceptable to the supervisor. Relaxation is also significant as it increases efficiency. It is vital to maintaining a balance between work and time spent on entertainment.

Give people access to their reports

The implementation of a working time monitoring system can be an opportunity for people to learn how to manage time better. In such a situation, it is worth making the reports available to each employee, so that they can log in to their accounts and check what they spent their time on during the day. Often, people are not aware of how much time they devote to checking e-mails, browsing the Internet, or smoking cigarettes during the day.

Encourage education

If an employee still has some free time, even when s(he) has tasks to do, you can agree with the employees to spend this time on education. For example, by browsing industry websites and blogs, or by purchasing access to e-learning platforms where they can train their skills.

In Conclusion

Work Monitoring On The Computer

Know that employees may have concerns about using such tools at their workplace for fear that it will expose their bad habits. Therefore, the key is to communicate the time tracking system implementation and to identify best practices and acceptable working time indicators. Use tools such as TimeCamp to measure and study your processes, optimize them. But be careful while balancing those processes because your subordinates need to be positively motivated to do their tasks and work on personal development.


It is worth to familiarize yourself with this infographic, which presents the most important issues on how to implement time tracking applications in your company.

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Work Monitoring On The Computer: How To Do It Good

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