How to Work and Travel? Top 5 Tips for Digital Nomads!

Working remotely makes us more flexible than the people who are spending their working hours in the office. As soon as there is an opportunity for an expedition, remote workers do not have to go out at least a month in advance. They just pack their computer and mobile devices and they’re done! They work where they want to be! 

A few weeks ago I wrote about the disadvantages of remote work and I realize that this lifestyle is linked to certain inconveniences, which are usually the result of poorly organized and self-destructive work. That’s why today I gathered some really good advice for you on how to reconcile your responsibilities and travels to squeeze the most out of your digital nomad life!

How to Work and Travel?

Top 5 Tips for Digital Nomads!

Make sure that you have a right plan!

Thinking about yourselves as digital nomads allow us to organize the duties so that in the case of unexpected departure, I have everything fixed on the last button.

Therefore, even if the trip is at the last moment, it is good to order tickets immediately, make a list of things to pack and things to do before leaving. The slow take off of the elements allows us to control the chaos that suddenly creeps into our lives. The risk that we will forget take or do something is minimized – we have already decided what we need and what should stay at home!

Make sure your phone and computer are charged

Remote work allows us to perform my duties wherever we are. We just need the option of connecting to the Internet and a working computer or phone. And the efficient equipment is a charged stuff!

Fortunately, most carriers provide passengers with a socket on their vehicles so that we do not have to worry about the battery in the display will turn red. However, we can go on a journey with such a means of transportation, where we will not see sources of electricity. So before we go, we should check that both of the devices we use have batteries that are charged to the maximum to provide a few hours of uninterrupted work. Believe me; nothing so bounces a man like a falling computer or a phone in the middle of writing an article!

man with a macbook

Find a comfortable place to work

Digital nomads are accustomed to working under all conditions – on the comfy couch or in the shaking train, risking damage to equipment. Once we’re getting comfortable, there is always something to do, and we’re dreaming of changing the position or place immediately. However, it’s good to find our corner in a place that is not our home.

Remember, comfort first of all!

I can’t imagine fulfilling my duties, still moving from one corner to another. The good thing is to find a work-friendly cafe or a co-work institution where we can rent a desk for hours. Such a choice will give us maximum focus, a slightly higher level of intimacy, and a beautiful, pleasant atmosphere, so necessary when we have a lot of tasks to do.

How do you find such a place? By typing co-working + city, e.g. co-working London in the search engine, you will find plenty of offers in various cities, among which you will surely find your “own” desk. Increasingly, catering establishments, such as cafes and bistros, are referred to as work-friendly, so try this on Google. It is also a good idea to find it by word of mouth – ask your friends in a city whether they know some nice cafe or a coworking space – they will recommend you a perfect one!

woman at the cafe using iphone and macbook

Find a few hours a day devoted to work ONLY

Remote work gives us great flexibility in time management. We can work in those hours when we are most productive without having to adjust to a pre-established schedule. We do not need to take a vacation at work to travel freely – we just pack a computer bag, phone, some clothes, cosmetics and go on the road!

Under such conditions, it is easy to leave self-discipline – yes, the duties will pile us up in a pretty nasty pile, but after all, we feel as if we were on holiday … That’s why we should always try to book a few hours a day to work freely. But what to do when you don’t know what period is appropriate? Find it out with work time tracking! In the end, you have to earn a living first, right? But find your rhythm, without the experience of other people. It’s hard to maintain a proper work-life balance, but the separation of working time from private life while traveling really works.

But at this point in my mind, one pretty obvious thought – where is this place for real rest? The fact is that there are few, but I’m assuming that the change itself is doing well on the head – leaving the city in which we live every day, new views outside the window and places to visit. Beyond that, let’s just admit – who of you do not dream of doing a little holiday while working? For me, this is a fantastic perspective!

man using iphone by the water

Prepare for discomfort

In many trains, it shakes like hell. In the bus, there are always some people that are talking. The interchanges make you have to turn off the computer, and the station bench is not the most convenient place to work … After the trip would like to refresh a little and relax, and not immediately enter the online state.

For the inconvenience caused by travel, you will surely have extra emails to check, and when you work as freelancers, you will continue to receive messages from your customers asking if the result will be delivered on time and as expected. Also, you will not always be able to count on your own place to work, which I mentioned earlier. I know that it may sound a bit scary, but believe me – you’ll accept it as soon as you see the beautiful and relaxing view outside the window.

Working while traveling is something completely different than office work from the 9 to 5. This method requires us to have some more flexibility and willingness to change plans, forcing us sometimes to suffer inconvenience and to make it difficult to balance work and private life. Believe me; it gives you so much fun and freedom! With an excellent organization of time and place of work, there is no way to do it with a deadline or to do your job poorly. The life of a digital nomad allows us to feel free, detached from the four walls of the office. The ubiquitous Internet makes it possible to work in a place that will make us happy – by the sea, in the forest, and in the mountains, in the beautiful natural environment. Hope these tips for digital nomads will convince you to work and travel at the same time!

To find out how much time you devote every day to work, Stay productive even when you’re traveling!

Sounds fantastic, right?

How to Work and Travel? Top 5 Tips for Digital Nomads!

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