How to Travel Around the World While Working?

As promised, we bring to you a continuation of the previous post about the remote work. If you comply with the rules we proposed in that article, you should in about a week or two (maximum a month) be able to work remotely without getting distracted. This is very important because if you have trouble focusing on your work while being at home, you will be losing more time to complete your tasks than you would when working on them at the office.

Once you mastered the hard technique of resisting your home distractions, you can take it to the next level – traveling. Fresh air, warm climate, sun – they can all work to your advantage. Weather conditions can give you an extra fuel if you know how to utilize them. This is much harder because at home only a few distractions awaited you. While during holidays you may find hundreds of excuses to delay your work or put it for later. We will try to give you some tips how to avoid that.

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But first, let’s focus on the most suitable professions for working and traveling at the same time. If yours is not among them, do not lose hope, your reliability is the most important aspect. Though it would help to work at one of the following positions:

Freelance Translator

If you know the second language that is popular (like English, German, Portuguese or Chinese, rather than Latin =), and you are good at translating, you can start a career as a freelance translator. And if you are good at it, the best thing you can do is to go and visit the country which language you speak – there you should be able to find a lot of job offers. And enjoy a new climate =]

Web/Graphic Designer or Programmer

Perhaps the most popular type of work among travelers. If you know the programming language or the environment of the graphic software, the job offers should be raining on your head! Find clients that like your work, sign a contract, and you should receive a continues flow of cash onto your bank account. If you deliver a solid product, your clients won’t care where you make them. You can write a brilliant code in an exotic bar in Asia, so why spend time at the office?



Being a photographer is always connected to traveling. You can’t do many photos at home, after all, =] The better are your photos, the more money you make. And it’s much easier to shoot great pictures while you’re on a journey.



This type of work involves risks so you either must have a complete trust in your writing skills or already be a successful writer or blogger. However, traveling can do you so much good. First of all, it usually removes the writing block – you get more ideas, the writing flow is rising, it’s easier to create elaborate texts. Secondly, travelers’ blogs are so, so popular that by just visiting places and writing about it, you can make enough money to stay wherever you want.



These are just some ideas – the job market is so gigantic that there are probably tens of other professions that allow one to work and travel. Honestly? Perhaps the term work&travel does not clearly state what we are trying to present. Everyone can just go abroad and find a job in a shop, factory, bank, office; you name it. What we are trying to describe is the possibility to get into a hammock, bath in the sun by the sea or pool, and while doing so, also work.


What can help?

We mentioned it in the previous post but this is the essential part of working out of the office, so let’s have a short brief.

A time tracker! Yes, your companion, even your friend. With a time tracker, you can monitor your computer activities and send invoices to your clients, showing them what they are paying you for. Apart from that, a solid work time tracking software can boost your efficiency and productivity, giving you more time for leisure activities in a result.

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What else can help?

You have to believe in yourself. That’s the key factor. When you know that you can complete the tasks, finish the projects, write blog posts or codes or anything that you have to do WITHOUT doing so in the office’s cubicle, then you win. Some people believe that only in the sterile environment, with the boss around, checking on them every once in a while; they will be able to finish their work.

But that is not true. The external “motivation” (the word is in inverted commas because that is not really a motivation, it’s more a constraint) can be changed into the real internal motivation, the true one. Once you manage to do this, there is no stopping you. And wouldn’t you prefer to lay on the sunbed, the warm sand between your toes, waves peacefully crashing on the beach, cold drink in one hand, laptop on your lap – and when you write you also realize that you are fulfilling your dreams. No boss around, no limiting office space, no working 9 to 5. You made it.


How to Travel Around the World While Working?

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