Yoga: Know Your Body and Increase Productivity

It is said that you do not truly know your body until you have done a fair bit of yoga. You will start to feel muscles in places you did not think muscles would form, and your body as a whole will give a sigh of relief as it receives that treatment. It honestly is a virtually free treatment for your entire body, and at the end of the day it will start to look and feel a whole lot better.

But what are the factual benefits a good routine has on your body?

Yoga: Know Your Body and Increase Productivity

Increased Blood Flow

People with jobs that require sitting down for extended periods of time can write a novel about how fatigued, tired drowsy they are all the time. That is because blood just is not flowing right. And what is a great way to get around this? You guessed it, smoke a pack of cigarettes every day! Just kidding, it’s Yoga! 

Blood will be flowing like Niagara Falls on a warm Tuesday afternoon once you let it. You give blood probable cause to move, and it will.

Yoga will exercise your muscles to a tee and give your blood all sorts or reasons to flow, resulting in increased productivity!


Yoga is used to treat physical ailments too. You have no idea how much a small routine of yoga can help you with some pains you might have. It is even known to help traumatic brain injuries to certain degree. If some doctors see that you might not be able to endure pain killers for physical pains, then they might even prescribe you a course in Yoga that is targeted to eliminate the pain.

Better Focus

Yoga will help you tons in gaining a better grasp on your concentration and focus.  People who had ADHD are sometimes prescribed a course in Yoga to better help them, along with taking medication, to focus on their goals.

This helps your mind from wandering and lets you in time management and greater results in your work.  

There is more blood flow to your brain and as a result their more activity up there. This also helps in creativity and doing more work. People who have been doing yoga for extended periods of time have been reported to feel happier than people who do not partake in Yoga and such related activities.

You will start to feel more awake and in general more aware, because blood in now accustomed to flow in the path and quantity you have trained it to be through Yoga, so you can bet on being more productive than you were ever before and you can get more done!

So whether you get it to get a great body, or a great mind, you will come out of it as a better person, with a fresh mind ready to tackle the burden of work- but now armed with a harper mind and a more enduring body which allow them to do more in less.

Find and schedule more time for yoga during the day – be smart and do it with right time tracking software!

Yoga: Know Your Body and Increase Productivity

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