Best Yoga Poses for Remote Workers!

No matter if you’re an office or remote worker, sitting 8 hours behind the desk can be boring. Not to mention how harmful it is for your body, especially for the spine! The need for relaxation is understandable and trust me – as a long-term remote worker and passionate yoga practitioner, I can assure you that a little bit of stretching between the tasks can cause a miracle. Now, when a lot of us are stuck at home, we don’t have to be ashamed of moving our bodies, so let me introduce you to this subject. Today I prepared some of my favorite yoga poses for remote workers I do every day!

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Why practice yoga? 

I started practicing yoga about a year ago. Before giving it a try, my favorite kind of exercise was running – I usually run twice or even three times a week (depending on how much time I have and the physical state of my knees). But soon I realized that running won’t cure the pain in the lower back I used to feel every day, caused by the sedentary lifestyle. Then I took my sister’s advice and started practicing. The first days were tough – it seemed like I wouldn’t have even managed to do the easiest asanas, there was too much pain. Today I’m really glad I didn’t give up then!

That’s why today I’d like to encourage you to give yoga a try – stretching two or three times a day will keep your body in a good shape and save you from pain caused by the sedentary job. And thankfully, working at home makes practicing even easier, because you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself exercising in front of your colleagues. 

Yoga Journal’s article explains widely the benefits of practicing yoga!

What is more, practicing yoga at home doesn’t require buying fancy equipment – just use the mat or a carpet and just be careful while exercising

My greatest advice – don’t push yourself, especially when you’re a yoga newbie! Such behavior does more harm than good. Observe and listen to your own body, if the muscles are twitching, just don’t go deeper in practice. 

Best Yoga Poses for Remote Workers!

Standing forward fold (Uttanasana)

Asanas that involve folds are perfect for calming the mind and relieve the stress. Forward fold deeply stretches the calves and hamstrings, keeps your spine in line and pulls out the neck. The deeper you go into the pose, the more you relax!

Downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Savasana) 

If you’re facing pain in the shoulder blades and feeling the tension in the shoulders, a downward dog is just for you. According to my master, Iyengar, this pose releases the tension in the spine and strengthens the back muscles. And it’s amazing for runners, cause the hamstrings and calves are lengthened in this position. 

Cow Face (Gomukhasana)

This pose can be easily done both while standing or sitting in front of the desk. First, lift your right arm, bend your elbow and place your right hand between the shoulders. Straighten the left hand and, bending the elbow, pass the left hand of the right hand. Reply to the other side. That’s how we open our chests and lengthen the spine. 

The instructions below include the more difficult option, but the alternative I proposed above is just perfect for beginners ;). 

Cat-cow sequence 

The poses with animals in the names were the most interesting for me at the beginning of my practice. Now the cat-cow sequence, besides the downward dog, are my very favorite. And trust me, they’re not so hard to do so! Double benefit, because they’re inseparable. On your knees, inhaling, bend your back down to go into the Cow position. Then, on exhalation, round your back to the Cat Position. Reply at least 5 times. 

Eagle pose (Garudasana)

The last pose is perfect for the back opening. Stretches your shoulder blades gently, but deeply. To go into it, put your hands together and wrap them up, keep your arms down. Avoid bringing hands closer to your head and remember to keep your stomach drawn in. Don’t forget about replying to the other side!

The video below presents the extended option with crossed legs, but doing this pose sitting behind the desk would be also perfect. 

Extra – Savasana

The famous “Corpse” pose! The essence of yoga is to relax and calm the mind and body. That’s why after the deep stretching laying the body down on the floor is good for loosening the muscles and forgetting about the world around you.

Happy practicing!

Best Yoga Poses for Remote Workers!

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